About the Pastor

James Michael Martin, Sr., was born to the late Janie Lee (Martin) Thomas, on November 14, 1954. Since relocating with his family, from his native Warren, Arkansas, he has been an resident of Akron, Ohio.
He obtained his education through the Akron Public School System and is an alumnus of South High School ("Home of the Big Blue''), class of 1974. 

Continuing his education, he attended the University of Akron, Berean Bible College, received an honorary Doctorate of Arts in Ministry from Living Water Biblical Institute October 10th 2015 and still attends conferences, seminars and Pastoral classes.  Michael, as many know him, has had the opportunity to minister through radio, television and across the World Wide Web. On March 22nd, 2017, Pastor Martin was elevated through the Beth-El Fellowship of Visionary Churches under the guidance of Presiding Bishop Flanvis Josephus Johnson, to the position of Overseer in ministry and with this elevation he is currently overseeing several churches. Overseer Martin has received numerous  proclamations, awards and recognitions for his labor for the Lord. 

Overseer Martin has been wed to his intermediate school sweetheart, Sharon Elaine (Mapp) for 43 years. They have three children that were born to this union, James M. (Tara) Martin, Jr., Qiana Martin, and Elder LaSharra (Elder Leland) Johnson. They have nine grandchildren. "Michael'' also has two brothers. As an active evangelist and Minister of Music for 49 years, Overseer Martin has served the Summit County area, and sojourned throughout the country, delivering messages through the spoken Word of God, and in song both vocally and instrumentally, to encourage, empower and impart the "good news". He has been a mentor and an integral part of the "ground work'' for religious assemblies' initial organization of their places of worship, and counsel for Elders who are becoming Pastors. Overseer Martin has facilitated workshops, given vocal and instrumental music lessons, established music ministry departments, and recorded with various church groups and choirs. 

Overseer and Lady Martin have stood side by side since he was called to shepherd in ministry in 1993. He has traveled around the country preaching, teaching, singing and glorifying God. In August 1994 after fervent fasting, prayer and wise counsel, the evangelizing musician acknowledged his call to pastor. From the days of worship at 609 Sunset View Dr. to 325 N. Howard St. to our current locations at 379 E. South St. and our West Campus Outreach Center at 421 W. Thornton St., God has blessed the ministry. There are also several parcels of land we have acquired in order to "grow again''.  

Overseer James Michael Martin, Sr., of Christ is the Answer Ministries in Akron, Ohio, will ALWAYS remind you of three things...

“Be Strong & Courageous!” Joshua 1:9
“Love God…Love People...”
“And Know, This Overseer Loves You To Life...”

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