The Beth-El Fellowship of Visionary Churches (BFVC) is a major ministry of The House of The Lord (THOTL).
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The BFVC was organized to be a source of encouragement, a resource of practical Christian leadership development and team building, as well as a haven of rest to other ministers and their spouses across this nation and even across this world.
In 1993, Bishop Johnson expresses the heartbeat of this fellowship in the Vision Statement stating:
"I have recently been impressed that it might be a good time to start some type of an association, to deal with the increasing number of pastors and churches that want to make themselves accountable to us. Helping pastors is a secondary burden and vision of mine. What better way could we begin to fulfill that vision than by organizing an association to mentor, teach, and hold accountable the pastors and churches who are looking to us for guidance and support? I am using the name "Beth-El'', because of its biblical signification. The name means "The House of God''. Therefore, the "Beth-El Association of Visionary Churches" will be an association of "Houses of God''.
Bishop Johnson also stated clearly in his 1993 Vision Statement, that it was not his intention to create a denomination, but an association. Today we have replaced the word "Association'', with the word "Fellowship.''
Beth-El FVC is committed to assist pastors and churches in the important areas that many seminars, bible colleges and institutes, as well as denominational conferences seem to vastly ignore. As a result, many pastors admit (if only secretly) to feeling inadequate, unprepared and or alone in their call to the ministry. Bishop Johnson believes and communicates with anointed passion and power, the message that pastors and churches don't have to settle for being mediocre or even good. His challenge is to each of us is to be GREAT at whatever God has called us to do. In other words, "Dare to Dream the Divine Dream.''
There are four levels of relationships a pastor may want to be involved with Beth-El FVC.
1. APOSTOLIC - For pastors who desire an apostolic covering by this ministry.
2. FELLOWSHIP - For pastors in the surrounding region who desire to walk in close fellowship with this ministry.
3. ASSOCIATION - For pastors who may be geographically too far away, yet desire to be associated with this ministry, through Pastors and Church Leadership Conferences.
4. AFFILIATION - For Pastors who desire to be connected with this ministry.
I, (Pastor J. Michael Martin, Sr.), along with Christ is the Answer Ministries, became a part of this great Fellowship in 2006. Bishop "Joey'' has been mentoring and encouraging me through many areas of my life. My relationship with him dates back several years. I am so grateful to my former Pastors, who assisted me through some of my difficult times, the late Rev. John W. Wheeler of Providence Baptist Church, the late Pastors Roger and Annie Greer of Miracle Revival Fellowship Church, the late Bishop Robert D. Bell, of House of Prayer For All People, who was a great father figure to me, and the late Elder Madison Jenkins Sr. Two Mothers in Christ richly blessed my life, Mother Evangelist Greta Jenkins, and Mother Evangelist Lately Johnson.
At the Consecration and ordination service of Bishop "Joey'' in 2004, I was honored, privileged, and humbled, to have affixed my signature as a witness to the "Most Reverend and Honorable Bishop F. Josephus Johnson, II''. I know in my heart and spirit, a change had taken place that night. I felt the power of "sure'' go through me. "SURELY'', the Lord shall be with me--us, (CITAM), in everything we do concerning Him, Kingdom living and Kingdom building.
Bishop Flanvis Josephus Johnson, is now our Presiding Bishop, a friend and so much more. To know him IS to love him. As he states,
"Relationships Are Everything.'' When you combine those words with CITAM's motto, You Can... "BE STRONG and COURAGEOUS''! (Joshua 1:9)