Our History
Christ is the Answer Ministries was birthed out of 609 Sunset View Drive in Akron, Ohio which was the home of Pastor, Lady Martin and family, at the time.

After worshiping there for a year, preparations were being made to relocate into a "building'', however, undue circumstances caused the move to be delayed.

Evangelist Ophelia Jennings imparted such great encouragement, saying that CITAM should not just keep our eyes on that particular building "WE" wanted, but pray and seek God for direction on something else.

That Sunday morning in the living room of "609'' we prayed and the next day, Pastor Martin met with Deacon Swanson and Mother Elizabeth Hampton. They introduced 325 North Howard Street. That's when God started blessing the ministry in a great and powerful way. Remaining at that location for (12) twelve years, CITAM bought the building and the surrounding land.

Mid 2006, one afternoon Pastor Martin had just conducted a Homegoing service, and the Lord directed him to 379 East South Street in Akron, Ohio. As God would have it be, in December of 2006, CITAM purchased that building. On May 6, 2007, the South Campus of Christ is the Answer Ministries met its inception.

Membership increased from (60) sixty congregants to more than the currently (250) two hundred-fifty on the roll, and is continually growing, as is CITAM's trust in God.

The Lord has blessed the ministry to be DEBT FREE!...having paid off the mortgage at its' present locale in South Akron, but also in the future, our West Campus Outreach Center will be paid in full as well!

CITAM will forever be Strong and Courageous. (Joshua 1:9)